Our Work Method

On the basis of a thorough profile of the job offer,we provide the right selection and recruitment of the right employees.

Through consultation and communication,we formulate the job offer together with the client.

Through this way of recruitment and selection, success is a guarantee.JaniDetachering N.V. also provides, from their mission,the Surinamese market of parttime personnel.

One of the assumptions for  dispatching of personnel,is that the dispatched personnel can work in the same branch for different clients for a longer amount of time.

This promotes to a great extent the experience,trust and quality of our temporary workers.

Safety is for us a very important condition.Mostly in the industry is safety a requirement.

Secondment via Jani Detachering N.V.

The detached worker will be working for Jani Detachering N.V. for a certain amount of time. You rent the employee for a certain amount of time. Formally Jani Detachering N.V. is the employer. That means that we take all the employers obligations on us. If the cooperation is good, you can employ the detached worker yourself.

Benefits of secondment:

– Flexible staffing per projects, reorganization etc.;

– The worker is not on the payroll;

– Continuity;

– Limited(desease) risk employership.

Jani Detachering N.V. focusses on different fields, like mining, industry, commerce, ICT, marketing, HR, administrative, financial, secretarial, logistics and technical.

24 hours a day,7 days a week

The workterrain of Jani Detachering N.V. covers a lot of sectors where 24-hour
jobs are normal. That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Because of this we can quickly respond to changing circumstances and unforseen events (Calamities). Your care is our business.


Jani Detachering N.V. has been doing business for years with different divergent companies. From small companies to very big multinationals spread all over the country.

People in production, commerce, technic, logistics and in the office. They are the back bone of our economy. They make sure that the work is done properly. And we are very proud of that.